Nouvel Opéra Fribourg

At a glance

A brand campaign for an upcoming opera by the Nouvel Opéra Fribourg in Switzerland


3-week student project

My role

Visual designer


Jonathan Reade
Bella Wang
Patrick Pacunana

Mockup of posters along a sidewalk

About the project

This project was completed as a visual design study for a senior-level design course. Taking time to study and learn from pioneers such as Emil Ruder, Zuzana Licko, and Ellen Lupton, we formed three conceptual insights to explore in our digital and physical artifacts.

Emil Ruder
Negative spaces can form relationships with each other to shape the form.

Zuzana Licko
Revealing only a portion of a form creates a different message within the context than if it was presented in its entirety.

Ellen Lupton
The layering of elements creates a frame in which the content is presented and understood.

● Art Direction

From these insights, our approach was to craft the negative space to create an emphasis on what ‘could’ be there, inviting the eye to explore and question their assumptions. The goal of this is to encourage onlookers to use the context around the space to fill in the blanks.

Moodboard for the art direction of this project


Poster for an opera by the NOF titled Powder Her Face Tickets for the opera Email confirmation for the purchase of tickets Interior and exterior of program for upcoming NOF operas GIF of Instagram post with three slides

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