Gigabots Visual Identity

At a glance

Logo design for a local dance team that competed in NBC World of Dance Season Four


Freelance graphic design work




Graphic design
Art direction

Photo of the Gigiabots team after performing on NBC World of Dance

About the project

Gigabots is a competitive dance team practicing in Vancouver and Nanaimo. Their dance styles include hip hop, b-boy, popping, and locking, with the last two being major influences in the design for this visual identity. Both styles are very technical and require a strong sense of rhythm and the mastering of intricate techniques. I wanted the design to carry through this sense of technicality without being too literal, which is why I also drew inspiration from technology art and circuit boards — two concepts that demonstrate a similar technicality in the form of energy and precision.


Animated wordmark Main logo


Wordmark on back of tshirt Wordmark on red sweatpants (repeated 3x) Gigabots team on WOD dance floor Logo on black hoodie

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